Prosthetic Paws Help Dog Regain Life

One mixed-breed dog got a high tech upgrade to help him regain agility and start a new life after a rough beginning.

Abandoned as a Puppy

Naki’o the dog was abandoned by his family after their home was foreclosed on in Nebraska. He was found inside the home in the cellar, curled up in a ball in a puddle of water. All four of his paws and the tip of his tail were frozen.

After being taken to the vet, it became clear that his paws would never work the same again. Naki’o was unable to walk, run, or play like a normal dog. At an animal shelter, that all but eliminates the chances of adoption. Lucky for him, though, a veterinary assistant saw him and decided to help the puppy in need.

Adoptionnaki'o prosthetic paws

Christie Pace adopted Naki’o from the shelter when he was just 8 weeks old. “I have a soft spot for rescue animals in general. I was looking for something different, unique,” Pace told Metro news. “I wanted to make more of a difference than a regular dog. I knew I could help him out.”

She organized a fundraiser for Naki’o in hopes of helping him walk again one day. The initial fundraiser collected enough to pay for two prosthetic paws. The paws were fitted specifically for Naki’o’s back legs. The company who provided the prosthetics were so moved by his story that they decided to provide two more for free, for the dog’s front paws.

‘When we saw how good he was doing with his back leg prosthetics and how he was struggling to use his front legs it was very simple to say, “we gotta keep with him,”‘ said Martin Kaufmann, owner of Orthopets.


Living the Dream

Naki’o can now walk, run, play, and even swim like a normal dog. He is living life to the fullest with Christie, his new family. The prosthetics slip onto his legs and help him engage in activity that he otherwise wouldn’t be able to. He is the only dog known to have four prosthetic limbs. You can watch Naki’o in his new prosthetics playing outside here.

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